How to Communicate Using Good English

Communication techniques, whether oral or written are vital if you are to communicate well and use English which can be readily understood and will help your readers or audience gain the knowledge or information you are trying to impart.  

Often people confuse ‘good’ English with the overuse of long difficult words, long sentences and very technical language.  However, this is not ‘good’ English.  Good English can be easily understood and is accessible to as many people as possible.

However, it does require some foundation blocks.  First of all your grammar needs to be good.  Good grammar will ensure that people understand what you are saying.  If you aren’t sure about grammar, then use an online grammar program to assist.

Spelling should be very good; otherwise people simply get their attention drawn to the spelling mistakes.  Nowadays there are so many online spell checkers that there really is no excuse not to have spelling which is perfect.

Get your message across to your audience and leave it there.  Too often people say far too much, or waffle about irrelevancies, so whether you are speaking or writing, say what needs to be said, but do not be tempted to include your life story.  Only people close to you are interested in that.

Finally, overuse of long words or very long sentences with lots of technical information and jargon simply looks pretentious and even inappropriate.  To demonstrate intelligence, clear, concise and effective communication is far better than trying to show off your skills of vocabulary.  And sometimes it can take more effort and intelligence to keep things simple, rather than be too technical.  So apply your intelligence to the communication techniques and leave the big words out.

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